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Dr. Patricia Weyer, Delphinology & Glass Minoan Art

I uncovered an unexpected delight last night at Seattle's Pioneer Square Art Walk.

I walked into a gallery of stunning glass vessels that in my Minoan-colored world looking like rythons and Ki to me. I turned a corner, took one look at the dolphins adorning a particularly lovely glass vessel, and smiled to myself - thinking how very much it looked like the Minoan fresco dolphins. I see Minoa in many things, so my associations are generally treated by me with a sense of internal joy and end there.

Then, I saw the title of the three pieces on the pedestal I was admiring: "Minoan Trio".

One should avoid jumping for joy in a gallery filled with glass, but I did anyway.

What's more, the artist was present, studies delphonology and has been to Crete. Her name is Dr. Patricia Weyer and you can read a little about her and her area of expertise at American Cetacean Society - Biography. I had to tear myself away from her so I wouldn't horde her while patrons were viewing her art, but I've promised myself to give her a call soon and take her out to lunch and just listen to all of her stories. She clearly has many to tell, and it's so good to finally connect with someone in Seattle who shares a passion for ancient Crete.

Seattle's magic is best described as a Small World City - if you strike up a conversation with a stranger on a bus, there's a good chance that she's your high school best friend's cousin or has studied the same obscure mathmatical theory that you based your thesis on at university. And last night, Seattle's magic put me in touch with someone who is really tapped into the Minoan undercurrent in Seattle.

The art show will be on display July 5 - July 29, 2006 in Seattle:

Gallery 110
110 S. Washington St.
Seattle, WA
Tues-Sat 12-5pm
Also by appointment
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