K (burgunder) wrote in minoa_scholars,

Minoan Vase and Fresco Reproductions

It's a small world...

I was recently studying the Theran frescoes and did a search on reproductions just to see if they were out there.

It turns out that http://www.eleganza.com, which does museum-quality reproductions of some Minoan pottery, and partials of the Knossos and Thera frescoes, is within walking distance of where I live.

I don't know what museum-quality means to some, but I tend to lean towards those who make efforts to keep archaeological finds as they are found instead of trying to fill in the missing pieces with educated guesses and imagination. Eleganza seems to be in the Sir Arthur Evans (fill in the missing pieces) camp. In spite of this, I was impressed with the quality of the reproductions, *especially* the Sacred Bull (L304 in their catalog).
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